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The One-Stop Shop for your mental HEALTH.

Are you ready to create the change in your life that will enable you to live the happier, healthier, more confident & fulfilling life you always dreamed of?

You're in the right place if you’re:

  • Always worried about things that seem beyond your control;
  • Feeling alone, unhappy & disconnected;
  • Awake at night because of fear, anxiety or depression
  • Looking to escape your cage of limitations, regrets, habits or obsessive thoughts …

We can help! Let us guide you to a life without worry and anxiety clouding every thought.

Drawing on the latest Psychology, neuroscience & self-compassion research, we offer courses, tips and programs to fit every schedule and budget, to kick start your mental wellness journey. Reflect, reframe, rewrite! What are you waiting for?

Available Products

Emotional Wellness 911 - Your Rapid Response Toolkit

Download our Rapid Response Toolkit for a quick reference reminder of our 4R's Framework for what to do in the face of  stress and anxiety.

The Quick Fix Stress Solution

Do you find yourself worried about things beyond your control? Awake at night, battling fear, anxiety or depression? Want to take BACK control of your life?

Discover easy methods of managing your stress, & stop wasting energy on worry with our short program.

Anxiety Journal and Workbook

A self-help workbook and planner, this is a downloadable PDF that you print at home and use at your own pace. Pick and choose the pages and activities that are right for you - when they are right for you!

The Guiding Spirit Knowledge Hub

An ever-growing collection of free training and resources to help you keep moving forwards on your journey to mental wellness. Who doesn't love FREE?!

Mainly Mandala Colouring Pages

38 Colouring Pages you can print at home and complete at your leisure.

Delivered as a PDF. Great for stress relief and relaxation.

What is a Mandala?

Mandala is a Sanskrit word that loosely translates to mean “circle” or “centre.

In the Hindu and Buddhist traditions, mandalas are an object of meditation to aid in one’s spiritual development. The imagery depicts the universe, and the symbols represent one’s spiritual journey, the cycles of birth-life-death, and the interconnectedness of all living things.

Freebie: Brainercise! Activities to Keep Your Mind Sharp

Did you know - your brain loses elasticity as you age?

This often results in difficulty focusing, recalling memories, and an inability to focus and pay attention.

Boost your brainpower through these small tasks, designed to stimulate your thinking abilities.

Freebie: The Importance of Mindset

The Importance of Mindset to Create the Best You & Your Best Life

  • What is Mindset?
  • Why is it important?
  • How can you change your mindset?

This short video explains all this, & more!

Contact Nikki at nikki@guidingspiritonline.com

Freebie: Get Comfortable Asking For Help

We all need a little help now and then, so do we why struggle so much asking for it? Whether you’re overwhelmed at home or work, or trying to learn something new, asking for help could change your life. Check out these 9 tips.

Your Own Worst Enemy

Coming soon!!

The world is complicated enough without making things harder on yourself. Learn to identify your self-defeating behaviours and their causes - & overcome them!

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Dealing with Common Losses & Grief

Here's a PDF with tips to help you to cope with losses and grief during a Pandemic or beyond.

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